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How Does iNavLife© Work?

Every session is tailored, specifically, for Your Personal Needs, as an Individual or as a couple, see here
While there is no ‘one therapy’ for all, an iNavLife© session is typically two-fold:

MultiDimensional Life-Coaching ‘talk-therapy’ where we explore how your Belief Systems and Experiences in your Life may have imprinted you and have become the cause(s) of your symptoms and conditions and how to heal them. You will be receiving very practical tools to manage your Health on All Levels.

Energetic BodyWork which includes Reiki, Resonance Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Regeneration Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Polarity Work.
This process helps accelerate the Natural Healing of the Body, and helps clear the Cellular Memory and Imprints that no longer serve you, as well as integrating the Awareness you have achieved during the Life-Coaching.

Therapy and healing does not have to be painful work

Indulge in Serenity, just for You, by having the experience of replenishing, regenerating and healing through receiving.

A session with iNavLife© will allow you, within a deeply relaxing space, to return to your True Self, respecting your personal boundaries and pace.

Your physical, emotional and mental bodies can thereby find their balance again, and thus start healing.
All this in a truly peaceful environment


  • How to navigate through your Life, becoming your own GPS and Consciously choosing the direction YOU want your Life to take
  • How to master your Life Journey on the psychological, emotional and physical, as well as the spiritual levels, while staying ‘down-to-earth’ within this reality
  • How to unravel, let go of and heal the traumas and patterns, that still have not been resolved, with CMR© (Cellular Memory Re-Programming). Learn about Alignment with You Truly Are.
  • How to heal your body through the binary language of the body with BIC© (Body Intelligence Code), understand its symptoms and conditions, and how to treat and restore your body to health

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