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Reiki means Universal Life Energy

An Energy coming directly from the Source, an Energy of love, harmony and healing. Reiki is also a practice that enables us to receive and transmit this Energy by the laying on of hands on ourselves, others, plants and animals.

The Energy accelerates the natural process of Self-Healing, giving us a key to return to the state of Health and Unity. It releases blockages, carries us into a relaxed state of being and thereby enables the energies of each of us to circulate freely again.

Reiki is never the personal energy transferred from the “giver” to the “receiver,” but an Energy channeled from the Source, through the “giver” into the “receiver.” All this within the agreements of the Souls as well as in Harmony with the Universe.

Dr. Mikao Usui, a priest in the Christian community in Japan rediscovered this ancient healing-method in the beginning of this century. It is called the Usui System of Natural Healing.

We can ALL become channel for this Life Energy again, as we were at birth. Due to the influences of our environment, this channel has often closed itself down in an auto-defensive reflex.

We can access the Energy again by receiving an initiation by an accredited Reiki Master who, in four phases, purifies the channel which then stays open for the rest of one’s life.

Reiki is the path of simplicity. There are no complex notions to assimilate or understand as this experience concerns the heart rather than the mind. It is therefore accessible for everyone.

By the simple laying on of hands, this Life Energy is transferred, channeled.

There are no other exercises than practicing on ourselves and others.

Reiki is independent of any belief or religion, and there are no dogmas. It is a personal process in the frame of one’s Personal Truth and Spiritual Evolution.

Having been initiated, and by practicing Reiki, we can access more Clarity within our Selves, our patterns and beliefs, and thereby chose to change consciously.

Reiki may strengthens one’s autonomy and thereby enable each person to handle their own physical, emotional and mental Health, to clarify the causes; thus to favor healing.

Choosing to participate in a seminar of Reiki Initiations is to anticipate a deep transformation of our-Selves, a new start; a re-birth.

It is accepting to receive the Vital Energy, to be closer to and in Harmony with the Self and Life.

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