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My name is Nancy Rhomberg and I am a Registered Nurse. I was introduced to Iben Larssen in January of 2011. I had just been diagnosed with a serious medical problem; that was also possibly life threatening. I had had many years of chronic pain, hundreds of Dr Visits, medications, treatments most of them causing me allergic reactions and in some cases addictions.

My meeting with Iben was a life changing event. Using all of her methodologies I began to heal myself from the inside out. Return visits to my physicians left them baffled and they had to agree I was healing and no longer needed surgery or any other western medical intervention.

Today, I am off of all pain killers, walk straighter and for the most part pain free. I am profoundly grateful to Iben,  I now am a healthier and more balanced individual on all levels

— Nancy Rhomberg, Registered Nurse


I am a physical therapist, and six years ago I was diagnosed with a debilitating chronic pelvic pain condition (interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor myopathy). Doctors aren’t sure what causes the condition and there is no known cure, and I tried a plethora of treatments from western, eastern and alternative treatments to try to move past the pain.

Two years into my illness, my doctor, physical therapist and acupuncturist all encouraged me to work with Iben Larssen. Working with Iben was powerful and crucial for my healing. Over the years, she has helped me heal on all levels of my person, and now most of my days are pain free. To my surprise, this healing extended beyond my physical body, and ended up transforming both me and my life.

Iben has tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge in the healing arts, and addresses all aspects of a person: body, mind, spirit. She has uncommon insight and can guide and challenge but she is also patient and allows time and space for one to discover his/her personal truths. Even though she has rare gifts, she is also humble and human. She is uncommonly accepting and loving, and always creates a safe space.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Iben!

— Mary Ruth Velicki MS, DPT, Physical Therapist and author of “Healing Through Chronic Pain”


There are many people in my life that have helped me along my journey in wellness, but Iben has transformed it! I have been suffering from frozen shoulder for over a year and was using pain medication excessively to cope with the pain. Not only was I suffering from physical pain I also allowed it to manifest into mental and emotional pain. My mother directed me to Iben for a solution. It was humbling to go to another healer to assist me because I too am an energetic practitioner and massage therapist, yet I knew alone I felt helpless. Iben’s touch was that deep sigh of relief and understanding I was seeking. I felt no judgement, only truth! My first session was amazing…I could feel that energy of acceptance of all that I am emerge from within me…radiating through out my body and healing every cell. Later that night I felt pain…but was renewed with a inner strength that pushed that bottle away from me allowing me to begin again. The sessions following continued to transform me, not only was my shoulder pain-free, but my whole life changed! I went from being unemployed to a new job with one of the top spa’s in the country…I found myself waking each morning loving each day for the gifts that I knew were ahead, and how I could possibly be that beacon of hope Iben was to me through the touch I was extending to my clients. Iben awoke the healer in me again, by just being the beautiful light of truth that she is! I am forever grateful for her.

— Elizabeth Wilson, Reiki & Energy Practitioner, Massage Therapist


I had been having urinary tract infections approximately every two months for about two years.
 I was also in a lot of pelvic pain.  I was taking antibiotics daily to prevent infections. My physical therapist referred me to Iben.  After about eight months, I am mostly pain free.  I am off the antibiotics.
 I have not had a urinary tract infection for many months.  I would highly recommend Iben as a healer.
 I’m not sure if it is the talk therapy or the energy healing work, but whatever it is, she improved my mental and physical health.

— Kathy K.


Iben has been instrumental in my personal growth. She has helped me look at life through a different lens. I have a deeper understanding of who I am and what is important to me, my purpose in life. I am much more comfortable making tough decisions and setting boundaries. I am better at communicating with my loved ones allowing my relationships to deepen more than I ever thought possible. My balance and happiness has never been better. She has helped me understand and get through hardships in the past. Doing Energy work with Iben has improved my sleep, and stabilized my energy levels. She has simply brought clarity to my life which I am extremely grateful for. I highly recommend Iben to anyone; especially those who wish to better themselves and reach a deeper understanding of their life and relationships.

— Michael Yerke



As I reflect back on my own initiation to Reiki through my contact with you, so many thoughts come through. I knew before I attended your Reiki course that there was healing power in my hands, or at least suspected so. I didn’t know how to use it, and frankly, I was uncomfortable with it. Now I understand that the beautiful Love that comes through my hands is not mine, but comes through each of us to anyone who needs it, including oneself. I had experienced Reiki twice before your course. My experiences were positive and helpful.

As a result of your instruction and care, my life has quite literally changed for the better. I have found that this energy that gives true, gentle, and beautiful healing to my body does much more than that. I have personally experienced new awareness in my life and personal growth that I can connect to specific Reiki healing that I received days or even weeks prior! In addition to increased well-being and comfort, I am finding that healing is taking place at much deeper levels in me than just my physical health.

I am no longer uncomfortable with the life energy that we all have within us; rather, I am so grateful for it and so grateful to be able to enjoy as much of it as I need, anytime I want it. My experiences in sharing this energy with friends and loved ones has been dramatic and exciting as well. What a gift!

A long time user of over the counter pain relievers, I haven’t taken a pill in weeks! Whenever I feel tension or dis-ease in my body, the former inclination to reach for relief in a chemical has become a quick, impromptu healing session for myself. Even during work, sitting at my desk I can easily relieve a headache or muscular tension, stomach discomfort, etc. in a completely natural and actually health-giving way. Again I say–what a gift! Thank you, Iben, for your clarity and generosity in showing me what we all carry with us everywhere we go. I am eternally grateful.

— Much love, Will


Reiki was completely unknown to me when I took Iben’s Seminar and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I found Iben to be extremely knowledgeable, caring and overly generous of her time. As a result of having taken her class, I not only am able to perform Reiki on myself and others, but found it to be a very grounding experience and it allowed me to be present, perhaps for the first time in my life. I now know that Reiki is available to all of us, is our natural way of being and I very much welcome it as a daily part of my life.

— Grant Ice, Level 1 Reiki


For the past four years I have suffered from a chronic pain condition called interstitial cystitis/ pelvic floor myopathy. After years of undergoing extensive treatments from both the western and eastern sides of medicine, my doctors, physical therapist and acupuncturist all encouraged me to see Iben. For two years we have worked together and during this time I have experienced incredible healing on all levels of my person. Iben has tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge in the healing arts, and addresses all aspects of a person: body, mind, spirit. She has uncommon insight and can guide and challenge but she is also patient and allows time and space for one to discover his/her personal truths. Even though she has rare gifts, she is also humble and human. She is uncommonly accepting and loving, and always creates a safe space. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Iben!

— Mary R, PT


As a researcher in human physiology, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t have reservations about fully embracing Reiki or anything else on someone’s word. This of course was until Iben Larssen, with a unique confidence and “knowingness” proposed I embrace this process that spans a millennium for one weekend. After attending this heartfelt weekend and learning a few modalities, I was still reserved. I also admit I wanted to believe it would not be effective for me, however I was dead wrong.

We did the critical follow up two weeks later to actually “practice” on one another and then the sparks flew for me and I now know this works. I felt waves of life giving energy entering and exiting my body, both giving and getting Reiki and it took my breath away. While receiving Reiki, I uncontrollably convulsed and twitched when I was touched in areas that needed attention along with vivid pictures of latent memories. When giving Reiki, I felt searing heat from my hands as intuitively touched. I saw an aching heart in my mind’s eye and felt a tidal wave of compassion and understanding roaring through me.

The other day, I felt rather stressed out along with a headache. This is infrequent for me and I could not pinpoint the origin. My beautiful wife Lori, who also embraced Iben’s Reiki training decided to Reiki me. I immediately felt this deep sense of love pulse into me and rhythmically flood my heart with something that soothed and compelled me to an involuntary state of muscle spasms and a strange yet comfortable state of quiet, content, laughter. After a few minutes of laughter and healing spasms, I felt totally renewed. It was a very, very beautiful and healing experience that I absolutely needed right then, right there.

Reiki is portable. Reiki is love. Reiki is healing. Reiki allows the celebration of our humanity together. Reiki is appropriate and practical. Reiki fulfills our purpose to love and heal each other. I am so grateful for these experiences because of Iben’s work, thank you so very much, Iben. I believe the very best part of this Reiki experience (besides the total evaporation of doubt) is that Lori did it with me as well. We now practice Reiki on one another, our three sons and on our loved ones as well. Reiki has brought us closer. We now living our lives as an ongoing “Reikifest. Reiki provides the perfect excuse to effortlessly fulfill our human purpose and destiny; to love and heal one another.

Reiki is the perfect excuse to create abundant healing and intimacy in one another.

— Robert Bohen CEO, AntiAging, Research Laboratories


Thank you Iben for the wonderful gift of Reiki that you gave to me during our initiation course. To have the ability to heal myself and others with my hands is a gift beyond my wildest dreams. I first gave Reiki to my 21 year old son. He was hesitant at first but found the experience fascinating. He encouraged his girlfriend, and his two teenage brothers to allow me to give Reiki to them. Needless to say, they were each very happy with their Reiki experience. They not only ask for me to give Reiki to them regularly, but also ask if I will give it to their friends too. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me this gift that I can share with others.

— Lori


The truth of Reiki being a universal gift for all to embrace, may be presented and wrapped in as many ways.

The truth of receiving this gift wrapped in your love defined with compassion, clarity of heart, soul, in the most honest and gentle way was life changing for me. Your 4 day course was a lesson in understanding without thought. They were a lessons learned with the heart and felt with the soul. This to me was an extraordinary event of which the results have made my, and lives around me grounded in the feeling of serenity and peace. Feeling that the once child like quality of acceptance of source energy is back in my life and can now be directed to use for the betterment of all concerned.

Thank you, your gift is a treasure for all to experience.

— Robert James



I am in heartfelt gratitude for the recent gift of Reiki initiation in your seminar. Perma-grat actually.

Since my initiation, I have given Reiki both to myself and to others – and have been definitely moved and lifted by the experience. Both in giving and receiving Reiki, I feel notably lighter and clearer; i feel presence expand and deepen; resistance diminishes and I feel my heart relaxing open; I have experienced deepening care for others, including my children. And I have felt their bodies rejuvenating and drinking in energy. I see the appreciation in their faces. I have experienced hearts softening, especially my own, and layers lift, and feeling and awareness grow.

Thank you, Iben, for sharing this with us. This has already been an unexpected must-have! Like Universe popping up to hand a gift, saying ‘Here ya go – you’ll LOVE this.’ 🙂 Impossible to put a price on it.

Joyously paying it forward as vibrations rise and Goddess Earth dawns a Golden Age!

— Peter


Iben’s class has given me a whole new perspective on the profundity and the healing effect of “touch”. I have discovered boundless possibilities and opportunities to use Reiki as a tool to assist both people and animals with their well-being. A must-have skill for every human being!

— Thank you, Iben. Stella


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