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Cellular Memory Re-Programming & Body Intelligence Code

CMR© and BIC© are designed to reveal the Imprints and Belief Systems that you carry in your
cellular memory (DNA) that may hinder you in Being Who You are to Your Fullest Potential.

We then focus on decoding the Binary Language of the Body.

With this Awareness, we create a unique program tailored to your specific needs.

Cellular Memory Re-Programming (CMR©)

Incorporates Quantum Therapy with Energetic Body Work including:
Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Resonance Therapy, Regeneration Therapy, Chakra Balancing
and Polarity Work.

CMR© provides all the tools and relief for anyone who wishes to know their Whole Self,
and find Balance and Wellness on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels.
You will be guided into recognizing your Belief Systems and Imprints and how to change
them for your own Benefit and Wellness on your Life’s Journey.

This process is specified as “Mental & Emotional Hygiene”.

Our Imprints and Belief Systems are what drive us. By changing the Belief Systems,
we change our Reality, and thereby our Inner and Outer Health…

***You CAN be pain-free***

YOU can become a Conscious Creator
of Your Own Reality

Alignment: Reconnect with your Self Worth, Your Truth, Your Values, and discover how Your Reality unfolds miraculously into becoming the manifestation of Your Own Intentions.

There is no “one therapy for all”

Have a talk with an iNavLife© Practitioner, and allow them to tune into exactly what
YOU need.

Every person is unique, with different Imprints, and we can find the perfect formula for what your wishes and aspirations of Your Self may be.

Body Intelligence Code (BIC©)

Decoding the binary Language of the Body and its symptoms:

Learn to listen, understand and work with the very clear language of your Body,
-from pleasure to pain; interior as well as exterior
-from a whisper as in fatigue to a cry as in a more severe symptom,
and thereby recognize your Symptoms on all levels and how they may be
different versions or indications of:

“How can I better Love My Self to Health?”

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